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Cafe Constant Review: Lunching at Cafe Constant in Paris

Last time I talked about how Kayser has good pastries in Paris compared to their own shop in New York City. As much as one would love to survive on pastries, cheese, and charcuterie, at some poine one must eat real meals. On our trip to France in 2011, we enjoyed lunch at Les Cocottes, and this time we decided to try another restaurant from the same owner. This other place was called Cafe Constant, named after the owner, Christian Constant. Oh and the restaurant is walkable from the Eiffel Tower, which is a boon for American tourists. Cafe Constant runs a prix fixe menu lunch menu that...

Averageness and breakfast sandwich at shake shack

When I was in high school and the first few years of college, the dominant instant messaging system in the U.S. was called AIM, which stood for AOL Instant Messenger. If you have no goddamn clue what AOL means, I hate you. Stop being so hip. But one of the features of AIM was that it was an extension off of regular AOL because the chat feature was actually what was most popular about it. Anyway, AIM had this thing where you could post a tiny text 'profile' or whatever you want like quotes or whatever. And I would always think I was this great emo (before...

Pierre Herme Peach Tart

One nice thing about the short time we had in Paris this past summer was that it was our first time there in the summer together, and summer means ice cream! After our delicious breakfast on the sidewalk, the most logical thing was to walk off the food and make room for more patisserie goodness. And what better to eat in the summer in Paris than a macaron ice cream sandwich from Pierre Herme? So we were in the Pierre Herme store on Rue Bonaparte, and we waited in line to order. Here I should mention that throughout our long summer vacation, I had been wearing the same...

Alinea Review: Alinea tasting menu in pictures

Today you're getting a treat! A very very special treat from our eating duo (Jonathan and Grace) in Chicago. This guest post that features the pictures from Alinea's tasting menu! The man who's behind the genius at Alinea is Grant Achatz. He recently won the Beard award for Best Chef in the United States 2008. Enjoy the post! In 2003, Grace and I traveled to Evanston to dine at Trio for her birthday. We had heard the restaurant was worth the short trip from Chicago, but knew little else about the restaurant. The meal that followed could be described as transformative. I had some great meals before, but...