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White Bear Review: White Bear and the Flushing Mall

After posting about Nan Xiang Xiao Long Bao last week, I just kinda got lazy about posting the rest of the Flushing things. So here we go and run through the whole list of stuff. After eating the soup dumplings, Steph and I google mapped our way to White Bear. It actually went like this: "Do you know where you're going?" "Not really. I think that says 'White Bear' in Chinese though. Out of the five characters I could read, those two seem to say 'White' and 'Bear.'" "Really? It's not because it says White Bear in English?" "Oh would ya look at that. Let's just eat. I'm...

More seafood at lunch and Pointe du Grouin

Any time a city boy can wake up and chunk bread at willing sheep in the morning is a good morning. I mean that in the most literal sense. Steph's parents have (from what I can see) two sheep next door. They were just hanging around and we gave them some bread and they ate it pretty hastily. Also they got scared before and after we gave them the bread. Scardy cats. Anyway, we followed that up with a lunch at a seafood restaurant that sat on the beach at St. Malo, France. Steph had been here once before and told me about the large portions, so I...

Vampire Cupcakes

After two months of being a parent, I can say that it doesn't get any easier! The food blogging pretty much has stopped but it's nice to take...