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Momofuku Ssam Bar Review: Eating duck things at Ssam Bar

I went to Momofuku Ssam Bar for lunch a while ago. Did you know they used to do like, Korean burritos when they first opened? But I guess no one dug that shit so they stopped and became this nice casual restaurant with food that could be found in upscale restaurants. The funny thing is now in food trucks, you can get Korean tacos and burritos. Ssam bar was just ahead of the times. There's something to be said about adapting the original concept if the audience is not so keen on it. That's why I've always been cool about shitting on newly opened places. You can't...

Frankies 457 Review: Comparing myself to food and Frankies Spuntino

Even after four years of food blogging, there's still a lot of well-loved favorites that I haven't visited. Frankies 457 is a great example of a restaurant that's serving great unpretentious food that I just seem to overlook every weekend. The Frankies Spuntino empire now has two locations in Manhattan, in addition to the original in Carroll Gardens in Brooklyn. It's a small space that's narrow, but made to feel warm through its exposed brick walls and the kitchen in the middle of the restaurant that divides the two seating sections. The small bar is adjacent to the 'kitchen' and seats around ten. Besides that there's very...

Dominique Ansel Bakery Review: Waiting for a cronut is worth it

At some point this past December, wifey was like, "I'm going to wake up to go get the cronut." I was like, you crazy, woman. I'm staying in bed. But true to her word, she woke up at the crack of dawn and got into line for the cronut. She was kind enough to even bring the second one to me while I was at work. And that's how I got to try the flavor of the month for December, Valrhona Chocolate and Champagne. There's probably still haters against Dominique Ansel Bakery's most popular creation, the cronut. But that croissant and doughnut combination was pretty damn delicious....