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Talde Review: Talde is aight

The most interesting thing to hit twitter yesterday (for food lovers at least), was the dust up that resulted from this Gilt Taste article between Francic Lam (Gilt Taste editor) and Eddie Huang (Baohaus). It's a fascinating read if you haven't seen it. Just like most of the time, I think people need to relax about whities cooking 'ethnic' food, because if you subscribe to Tyler Cowen's belief that "all food is ethnic food," then everyone is cooking ethnic food. If you don't know who Tyler Cowen is, he's like a genius economist that loves food. I'm gonna trust his take on what is or isn't ethnic....

Grand Bo Ky Restaurant Review: Grand Bo Ky

"Concrete jungle where dreams are made of, There's nothing you can't do, Now you're in New York!" These are the words of Alicia Keys from Jay-Z's recent hit, Empire State of Mind. As it applies to the restaurant world in New York City, the one thing that you can't do in the past was expand to your hearts content. In the past, rent was a prohibitive factor that limited the ambitions of restaurateurs. A couple of weeks ago, NYTimes did a feature on Michael Bao Huynh and his quest for a dining empire due to the lesser rent in these tough times. Well, you don't have to...

Cupcake rant and moral high grounds and bread

Cupcakes are an interesting thing. They get some very excited at the sweet mix between frosting and bite sized cake. Lately, they seem to have gotten so big that there's some backlash. Sarah DiGregorio of the Village Voice wrote about how all this cupcake craze just needs to stop. Cupcakes don't really bother me that much though. You guys all know when something bothers me. I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve when it comes to crazy shit (read: Alice Waters). Let me explain to you the difference. Do you remember Tamagotchis? If you didn't grow up as a child of the 90s, you wouldn't know...

Xoco Review: Xoco

Guest post from Jonathan today! He's back with us today with a writeup about Rick Bayless's most recent restaurant, Xoco. It's in Chicago so it's a bit of a tease for most of us, but living vicariously is nice sometimes. Xoco(SHOH-koh), Rick Bayless’s ode to Mexican street food, is only a few blocks from my apartment and I (like apparently the entire known world) had been aching to try it. And so every few days since it had opened I’d walked by to see if it was a good time only to find that the line was firmly out the door; so I would keep walking. But no,...

Montmartre Review: Chicken and biscuit at Montmartre and a rant

We ate at Montmartre when the weather was still sunny. They have this back yard area that takes you away to another place that's almost a dream except it's either full of yuppies or hipsters. These days I can't tell them apart because even the hipsters have money or maybe it's just that yuppies have gotten better wardrobe. But all the customers who visit Montmarte on that summer weekend day had the same idea because absolutely NO ONE sat in the dining room. It's that thing where you feel like you're at a neighborhood place where the servers are super friendly and the drinks extra strong. However...

Flour Bakery and Cafe Review: Trying to understand why I stuff myself at Flour Bakery

Last time I posted about Boston, it was about the lobster roll at Neptune Oyster. Even after stuffing my stomach full of food, it was still a good idea to get even more food. Still full? Why wait? That's been my motto thus far in life. Digestion in inevitable, so even if I expand my stomach, digestion will happen at a later point anyway. Thus, keep eating. From the lobster shack, Steph and I ended up at a bakery. Because the logical thing when you're already full is to pump yourself full of flour and sugar. Luckily, Flour Bakery was just the place for that. I had a...