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Jing Fong Review: Jing Fong is for chicken feet eaters

If you follow stuff like Yelp or whatever (and I'm not even giving them a linkback), those haters would have you believe that no good dim sum is to be had on the island of Manhattan. Man, there's nothing more I dislike than haters. This blog is a no-hater zone. Please. Only happy people for this blog. If you eat chicken feet when you go to dim sum, how in the world can you not like Jing Fong? I know some people think it's 'expensive' on that discussion board, but unless you've been to a dim sum joint by yourself and spent over $20 dollars by yourself...

Thermal refreshening of a bread product

By far, the weirdest thing ever about a blog is being able to see what my previous pictures used to be like. Most of what I write is just so atrocious that a tiny bit of upchuck warms the back of my throat whenever I have to read my own 'writing'. Pictures are more 'in your face' and requires very little time to analyze. This English muffin picture was uploaded May of 2008. Jeebus. Three years ago! Why am I talking about toasted English muffins? Because today the topic is toast and Nathan Myhrvold. If you don't know who Nathan Myhrvold is, then you probably was asleep...

Dear Chefs

After two months of being a parent, I can say that it doesn't get any easier! The food blogging pretty much has stopped but it's nice to take...