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On Restaurants, Dining, Streetfood, and a truthy voice on food blogging

At some point in my life, instead of going to the school that was a five minute bike ride away from my house, I got bussed into an inner city school in order to learn English more easily. Little did I or my parents know, all I needed wasn't a special teacher, but just five things to learn English: Leonardo, Donatello, Rafael, Michaelangelo and Lavar Burton. One that thing I saw about the inner city school was that during recess, double dutch was a thing. It was never so in the suburbs where we lived. Made me think that sometimes, some things just are how they are....

France posts on Food in Mouth

If there's one French food item that I think should be easy for most Asians to really love, it's escargot. The reason is that escargot is kind of a texture dish, which you normally don't see in French cooking. Snails don't taste like much, I don't think, but they are transformed into something awesome when you add butter, garlic, and parsley in the correct proportions. Just like how a Chinese guy might order some tripe at dim sum, it's kind of the same thing. The item simply is a sauce delivery vehicle...

New York Bakery Review: New York Bakery and epic running fail

When I first saw the sign that said "New York Bakery", I was really intrigued. A bakery! It's named after the city! How could I have been in the dark about this? I had to investigate. Upon investigation, the first thing I learned was that New York Bakery wasn't a bakery at all. They have some baked goods, depending on whether you visit the store before they sell out. But it's just mass produced baked goods wrapped in plastic. You can find the same kind of baked goods at many of the Japanese or Korean grocery stores like Sunrise Mart. What does New York Bakery have if...