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Spitzer's Corner Review: Brunch at Spitzers Corner

"I was wondering why you spend time taking pictures instead of eating the food." The guy next to me inquired about my odd fooding habits. I had to explain to the kind sir that I was neurotic and preferred to take pictures and that I eat via photons. No, actually I just sheepishly told him that I was doing it for a blog. You know, that's one thing that never really gets easier with time. Some bloggers are really good with handing out business cards and chatting up with strangers and they're so good at networking that experiences like this would be very conducive to marketing for...

Ippudo Review: Ippudo makes your taste buds happy

Ippudo NY just opened up and New York went ramen crazy. Eater, Ed Levine, and Grub St all chimed in with positivity. Early word from Kathy was also positive, as she told us, "The broth was gorgeous, full and fatty just so, rich to the tongue." Of course I had to brave the wait and taste this for myself. No wait is too long for the good for the blog! With Minca, Ramen Setagaya, Rai Rai Ken, and Momofuku Noodle Bar all in the East village, I think it is safe to say that this neighborhood has become the ramen hot spot for the entire country. (Yea,...

Food vending revolution

Full disclosure - this rant is really really long, and it's me writing just to hear myself talk. Feel free to skip unless you really like to think about how to make food vending better in New York. Sometimes when you blog, you really want to get in on what's hot at the moment. So a good blogger would do stuff about that skin bleaching child molester that just died. Or about our ultra popular president. Or about this shitty economy. Or maybe about baseball. Or summer. But I'm too caught up in reading news about the NBA summer leagues and contemplating a move to a new...

Ribs that need a better rub

If you live in New York City, and you do not fit into the brownstone yuppy clique, you find yourself without a backyard. What does this mean exactly? Well, for one, if you buy a dog, he or she has no backyard to run around. But ee gads Brain, what does that have to do with taking over the world or even a food blog? Oh little Pinky, it also means we do not have room to put a BBQ grill. I see all these recipes for BBQ since it is the summer time, and summer time = BBQ, but all I got is an oven. And...