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Cafe Cello Review: Cafe Cello

The guy behind the counter asked me, "Do you want skin?" Am I alive? Do I like oxygen? Do I like comic cons? Or cherry blossoms? Uh, duh! Of course instead of saying that, I just nodded like an idiot and drooled on the counter, but who is counting? When I saw the post on Cafe Cello on Midtown Lunch, I knew it would be love at first bite. Located on 46th Street between 5th and 6th Avenue, Cafe Cello is easily accessible for those who work in the heart of midtown. And they are right next to a mini outdoor seating area, therefore you can grab your...

Gazala Place Review: Boureka and kafta at Gazalas Place

Normally you wouldn't expect to find a one-of-a-kind restaurant in Hells Kitchen. It wasn't too long ago that the neighborhood was a seedy place marked by crazy homeless people and prostitutes. Now you can find a delicious Druze restaurant in the western boundries of Midtown. The Druze are a religious minority in the Middle East and the proprietor of Gazala Place on 9th avenue is from a Druze community in Isreal. At Gazala's you can order many of the same things you see at falafel places, such as falafel, hommus, tabouli, and grape leaves. A couple of novel items you may get at the restaurant include their...

BK Buck Double

I am a dad now! It's only been about a month, and it's as surreal to write that now was it was when my son first came into the world. Being...

Pig and Khao Review: Brunch at Pig and Khao

Oh man, there was a piece out there by a print media food writer and I really wanted to write a rant-y response the truth is who wants to read that? Let's talk about Filipino food in New York City. Specifically let's talk about Pig and Khao in the Lower East Side. Restaurants in that one to two star range is in my sweet spot. By that I mean it's actually affordable to normal people, even tourists. If you are interested in their brunch menu, you could eat through all the savory items on the menu if you just go with some friends. Together with Jonathan and...

Stick to beef and pork tacos at Domo Taco Truck

Domo Taco gets a bad rap. Really, go look on their yelp page. Panned. Check out the coverage on Midtown Lunch, mixed reviews. I think there are a couple of things they are doing right with the tacos and some things that perhaps they can try to figure out better. Since their location varies day to day, you would have to check their twitter page to see where they are exactly. On the day I went, they were in Midtown by like 53rd and Madison. First things first...