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Gu-shine Taiwanese Restaurant Review: Gu Shine Restaurant

It arrives a few feet before the dish actually is set down on the table. Your olfactory nerves is ready to shut your mouth before you even get a glimpse of what the foul smelling soy globules look like. Innocuous and somewhat plain looking, stinky tofu isn't a food for everyone. Famous in Taiwan, the dish isn't even popular amongst the entire population. As American as apple pie couldn't really be translated to as Taiwanese as stinky tofu. With everyone else, it is strange and foul. I lost respect for Andrew Zimmern when he couldn't stomach it on his show. He's eaten way worse on the show...

Long tzi tang

I am a dad now! It's only been about a month, and it's as surreal to write that now was it was when my son first came into the world. Being...

Ippudo Review: Miso ramen at Ippudo is good

Even after a couple of years of being open in New York, you can still find people on the sidewalks outside of Ippudo around dinner time because the waiting area is too full. It makes sense that this 61-chain international ramen noodle powerhouse would open a second location in New York City, and Crain's has reported that Ippudo has already finalized where this second restaurant would be. While the second location of Ippudo is not slated to open until Winter 2012, you can get your ramen at the original NY location on Fourth Ave. The best time to go is when they open for service. Even at...