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Terakawa Ramen Review: Terakawa Ramen

One time we gathered in Pat's room because Jeremy or Pat had discovered this insane video involving baby eels. I'm not going to get into it, except to say that that my jaw was touching the ground. The point is, sometimes you watch an insane video, and you can't follow it up with "Why was that so insane? I didn't want it to be that insane!" Terakawa Ramen was penned as a miss, by Midtown Lunch. I think the author of that post (Brian), simply missed the boat. Sometimes you walk into a fancy shop and the shop owner goes, "Do you want the midget with the...

Midtown posts on Food in Mouth

New York might be a ramen slurp worthy town according to Pete Wells, although in reality I think what New Yorkers really like are bold flavors. When people talk about Japanese food, it's always about how simple and elegant it is. With ramen, that probably would be the shio and shoyu style of ramen. And yet in the top ten for NYTimes, it's full of spicy, miso, tonkatsu, or even green curry ramen. About as subtle as Letterman's retirement announcement. But in the top ten, only two are either shio or shoyu ramen. And while he has Ivan's Slurp Shop number two, it seems like if you...

Ramen posts on Food in Mouth

When I was young, when women shook their asses, we just drooled and said that women were shaking their asses. Apparently all along the word for it was 'twerking'. Basically as I go along in life, there's always the unknown that surrounds me, and from that I try to distill what is need-to-know. But there's obviously things I don't even care to know. It's like I'm sure uber successful folks aren't caught up on Breaking Bad and reading Alan Sepinwall's recap in hitfix and Andy Greenwald's on Grantland. Successful (non-entertainment) people aren't so into being a TV consumer that they need that. To that end, there was...

Hong kong posts on Food in Mouth

After our nice stay in Taipei, we had a travel day that was nearly twenty-four hours long. We flew out of TPE early one morning and waited for a transfer at HKG airport. And if there's one thing that's awesome about airports in Asia, it's the food. There are three major problems with most airports in America (from a consumer point of view): One, all these damn airports are old and dingy. Two, there's never free wifi for the most part. Three, the food options are pretty dismal and/or super expensive. After Singapore and Hong Kong, I can say that the major airports in Asia don't have...