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Del Posto Review: Four star lunch in New York City

Pursue your passion. That's what we always tell the kids. I think I'm finally understanding that type of message in my thirties. You get to this point where basically even if your job is fine, but if you don't love the type of work, Monday mornings is just like meh. It's not like when you hate your job, and I've done that before where I hated my job so much and went from making money to washing dishes. So when you really hate it, you do something. When you begrudgingly do it, you trudge along. I think when you do that, you miss out on excellence. The...

Rack and Soul Review: Food prepared with precision

Cooks and chefs are just like basketball players. Individuals in both professions go through many stages in their careers. It's more fun following basketball because the careers are defined in a short period of time. Since the NBA is ultra competitive, it is easy to follow the arc of a player's career. In the lifetime of a fan, one could follow the entire careers of many players. At the beginning, it's always difficult to tell who would do well. Evidence #1 is Sam Bowie. If you're not a rabid fan of the Association and don't know who he is, Mr. Bowie was the guy drafted ahead of...

Restaurant Guide for New York City by Food in Mouth

Reset search 86 E 7th StNew York, NY 1 review 157 2nd AveNew York, NY 7 reviews 23 3rd AveNew York, NY 1 review 328 E 14th StreetNew York, NY 1 review 188 Avenue ANew York, NY 2 reviews 130 E 7th StNew York, NY 3 reviews 175 Ave BNew York, NY 4 reviews 229 1st AveNew York, NY 1 review 37 St Mark's PlaceNew York, NY 2 reviews 238 E 14th stNew York, NY 7 reviews 325 BoweryNew York, NY 5 reviews 58 East First StNew York, NY 2 reviews 540 East 5th StreetNew York, NY 1 review 92 Third AveNew York, NY 1 review 94 Avenue CNew York, NY 4 reviews 29 E 2nd StNew York, NY 1 review 9 E 1st StNew York, NY 4 reviews 115 St Marks PlNew York, NY 2 reviews 277 E 10th StNew York, NY 1 review 204...

Yakitori Totto Review: Yakitori Totto

The only thing that I've eaten that was truly truly a party in my mouth was pop rocks. Those candies that give you little bursts of pop when you chugged those little cystals directly from the packet. Parties are loud and boisterous and lively. The older I get, the less of an appeal that as. And Sifton and Kanye might think much of mood rings, I simple have mood swings at parties. Such is the peril of social inadequacy. What I do crave however, is a vacation in my mouth, and not just any type of vacation. Not your Cancun bullshit where you're surrounded by the likes...