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Sunday drink

After two months of being a parent, I can say that it doesn't get any easier! The food blogging pretty much has stopped but it's nice to take...

Sandwiched Review: Eating sandwiches at Sandwiched

Life imitates art. That's the saying, right? Growing up the way I do, the way I look at the world works as follows: If I see a fancy restaurant make a familiar dish, then the fancy restaurant is trying to copy the familiar dish to 'elevate' it for an average joe like myself. It never occurs to me that fast food sometimes does the same thing. I was reading on Freakonomics.com about copyright laws for the fashion industry. For the fashion industry in the U.S., it's normal for knockoff companies to make stuff fashioned after what's hot. It should make sense for restaurants to do the same...

Filet o Fish is buy one get one free now

Filet o Fish is back! That's right, better than ever. Actually that's not true. Since it's McDonald's, it's probably same as before because they're robotic and precise like that. I'm not sure what inflation was last year, but if it was like 4% the way it was during the awesome times, I would bet the sandwich gets 4% smaller. But seeing as inflation isn't doing much lately, I'm going to assume the 2012 incarnation of Filet o Fish is exactly like last year's. In the New York City the deal we get is buy one get one free. At the one nearest to me, that came out...

Ranting about the idea of delicious

One thing you should know about me is that there's nothing I love more than shitting on Tennessee. It's something about growing up there and being a resentful little runt. Seeing things like Memphis in May on Serious Eats, sort of made me wish that I explored the Volunteer State more when I had the chance. Damn those redneck racists and dirt country roads from preventing me from doing all that's good and awesome. One day I hope to rectify that personal mistake, but in the meantime, that article did stir up another thought in my mind...

Weight loss is hard

Recently I did some research about heel strikes. What the hell is a hell strike? That's what runners talk about when they talk about running form, and whether your heel should hit the ground in your strides. Apparently you don't want to do that because hell strikes will cause unnecessary pounding on your body. And landing on the front to middle of your feet is good because the arch of your feet is naturally built to absorb pressure. Think of shocks on a car. Heel strikes also reduce your speed because you slow down. See, this is the kind of research I do about running, because running...

Banh Mi Saigon Review: Banh Mi Saigon and stuff you can skip over

When people around you tell me to stop drinking so much haterade, I listen. Because life is short, and it's more important to be happy and eat chocolate. Lately there's a lot of pre-Easter candy on sale and mmmm.. my belly is full. When I'm not eating chocolate or drinking haterade, lately I've been eating a lot of sandwiches, banh mi's to be exact. Whether it's Hanco's in Park Slope or Saigon Vietnamese Sandwich in Chinatown or a catfish sandwich from Baoguette, my life is just full of sandwiches. Well, I can't get enough of a good thing. This past weekend I ventured inside of a jewelry...