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Momofuku Ssam Bar Review: Momofuku Saam Bar

Momofuku Saam Bar was the highly anticipated follow-up for chef David Chang. He has won James Beard awards and basically has become the darling chef of the New York. I was curious about the hype and visited in the day, when the lunch menu included the saam, which is basically an awesome Asian burrito. After consumption of said burrito, I could only agree with Midtown lunch, a branch of the saam bar would be great all over the city, especially in midtown. For about $10 dollars, the Momofuku saam was not cheap by absolute measures. However, their burrito was probably one of the most unique burritos I have...

L2O Review: L20

Oooooh boy, I hope you're ready. Jonathan is back with a guest post. Him and his wife hit up L2O and captured the deliciousness for everyone. Really, I thought I was ready for this and it still blew me away. It was like the 07-08 Atlanta Hawks in the second round of the playoffs against the Celtics. You could see it coming, I mean, L2O, this has to be good. But man...

Mamoun's Falafel Review: Shawarma sandwich at Mamouns Falafel

A long time ago, when I was still trying to overcome my social retardation (I've since given up), I found myself at this bar. Someone asked me how I got into food blogging, like what influenced me. Was it my mom? My grandmother? Besides the fact that I really didn't know how to return the small talk, there wasn't an answer. See, some of you might have noticed that I don't post as regularly anymore, and that's because neither writing nor the exploration of food tickles my fancy. The reason I started was because I saw a shit ton of food blogs out there and thought, "How...