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My Wok

Howdy kids, we have another guest post today! Jonathan chimes in with a story about his shiny new wok! In case you missed it, last time Jonathan talked about cupcakes! Read on to find out more about his stir fry! The sun had started to set as I walked into the kitchen and hardware store just off Wentworth. The store was cramped and kitchen tools were piled and packed into the small space. Metal shelving divided the space into narrow claustrophobic aisles. Along the right wall, heaped from floor to ceiling, were the woks. Staring at the multitude of woks I thought, "this is why I am here;...

Momofuku Ko Review: Momofuku Ko

I can add no words to about the Momofuku Ko experience that would really add any value to what is already on the web. You can read about Frank Bruni's experience or Adam Platt's take on it. And if you prefer your reviews with glorious pictures, check out The Wandering Eater. I am just going to write a little bit about the experience of dining there, but not the food experience. Oh and I will show you a gabillion pictures. When my former roommate scored a reservation at Momofuku Ko and said I could tag along, it was like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I was excited...