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Bar Masa

After two months of being a parent, I can say that it doesn't get any easier! The food blogging pretty much has stopped but it's nice to take...

Blue 9 Burger Review: Blue 9 burger and french fries

Summer is the time for outdoor grilling and things like hot dogs and hamburgers. This summer, I've had my fair share of hot dogs, but not hamburgers. Ever since I started reading Nick's burger reviews at A Hamburger Today, I have this constant craving for hamburgers and cheeseburgers. It's like in the The Sixth Sense. Everywhere in New York, I see dead people hamburgers. And when I passed by Blue 9 last week, I succumbed to the cravings. Blue 9 serves their hamburger with lettuce, tomato, and Thousand Island dressing. They ask if you want onions when you order. If you want to eat it like a purist,...

Rai Rai Ken Review: Rai Rai Ken and human behavior

The other day my friend Jonathan said, "Your diet consists of burgers and desserts." Not true. I also eat ramen. Just think about, what other food groups are there? And just because my breakfast consists of hersey's kisses, hot chocolate, and an orange, it does not mean that I have a limited diet. Someone once said, "Live as though you will die tomorrow, learn as if you will live forever." My diet simply reflects the first part of the quote. See, I am smrt. S-M-R-T. Now gimme a gold star. Oh yea so I went to Rai Rai Ken last week. Rai Rai Ken is this little hole...

Best mochi of my life in Taipei

After a delightful lunch of niu rou mein, we headed off to see other sights in Taipei with a different uncle. We headed to an area that's just outside of Taipei called Danshui or Tamsui. Dan shui in mandarin literally translates to fresh water, and the area is located at the mouth of the Danshui river, which opens up to the Taiwan Strait. Along the river, there's a board walk area that was kind of messed up by the typhoon, but there were still shops opening up when we arrived. It's an area that's more bustling at night. After walking around though, we went to get some...