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Pok Pok Review: Pok Pok

So I have this friend, and we will call him Eric, because that is his name. Eric is a teacher, and as such he likes to instruct his peers (like me) on how to drink copious amounts of beer in front of high school students. Wait a minute, that is only after class, and only in front of adults. Today he suggested a book to me called, Writing Well. I am really excited because maybe that book will tell me to put the period within or after the parenthesis and how to write about a fourth grade level (hopefully). This past weekend I looked through all the...

Levain Bakery Review: Levain Bakery and health care

Life is like a box of chocolates. And national health care is like a cookie.For both, you never know what you're going to get. I'm not saying that everyone needs a cookie or should want or cookie or should even like a cookie. Although if you don't like a cookie, man, you gotta relax. Take it from a guy who's wound up too tightly...

Co Review: Still great pizzas at Co

You know what gets me about looking for a job? This might not be applicable for every industry, but in the programming world, it's essentially like the high fashion modeling world, except instead of sexiness, it's about raw brain power. It's not about how much you can starve yourself or how many cleanses you do a month. It's instead about how fast you can think of solutions on a white board and how elegant those solutions are. Just as genes dictate how one may or may not walk down the runway, your critical/quantitative/analytical mental development (up to this point in life) dictates how qualified you are. All...