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Free Foods NYC Review: Duck pastrami and fooding bipartisanship

Our new President, aka Mister Awesome, said something during his prime time press briefing the other day. "I'm happy to get good ideas from across the political spectrum, from Democrats and Republicans." Now that's a novel idea. On the food front, I mostly love food that's cheap. If we're specifically on the subject of lunch foods, the cheaper, the better. Cheapness resonates with me. At the heart of the matter is the idea of value. Value for someone with a 9-5 is not going to be the same as value to someone who works at a non-profit and certainly different from Donald Trump. It's not that I...

Bella Napoli Review: Bella Napoli and my quest for chicken parm

Lunching out has become a regular activity now. It's odd that now the economy is in a hole, I eat out for lunch more. This is mostly the result of not sleeping enough and that is the result of too much xbox 360. No time to sleep = no time to pack lunch. Scientists have shown it's possible to spend an unreasonable amount of time discussing how to create a NBA 2k9 dynasty. Seriously, last night we got the Knicks to trim like 70 million in payroll in the game, in one year. How awesome would that be if it could be possible in real life?! Anyway,...

Restaurant Guide for New York City by Food in Mouth

Reset search 21 W 52nd StNew York, NY 1 review 67 Lafayette Ave Brooklyn, NY 3 reviews 324 Seventh AvenueBrooklyn, NY 1 review 22 9th AveNew York, NY 3 reviews 540 East 5th StreetNew York, NY 1 review 92 Third AveNew York, NY 1 review 2143 Frederick Douglass BlvdNew York, NY 1 review 363 West BroadwayNew York, NY 1 review 253 W 47th StNew York, NY 1 review 118 W 57th StNew York, NY 3 reviews 10 Downing StNew York, NY 2 reviews 111 Court St.Brooklyn, NY 1 review 4732 N Lincoln AveChicago, IL 1 review 310 Bleecker StNew York, NY 1 review 131 Duane StNew York, NY 1 review 118 Greenwich AveNew York, NY 1 review 43 E 19th StNew York, NY 2 reviews 113 St. Marks PlNew York, NY 1 review 135 N 5th StBrooklyn, NY 3 reviews 85 BroadwayBrooklyn, NY 2 reviews 305 Franklin AveBrooklyn,...

Fried chicken wings and fried rice

There's probably a fantastic, recession friendly meal just a few blocks from where you're sitting now. These type of places are usually generic Chinese take-out places. You know the ones, the first item on the menu is fried half chicken with french fries. When I first encountered these type of restaurants, I scoffed at their misrepresentation of real Chinese food. But during those first few post college years, surviving on cheap food was a necessity. So if you can find one of those generic Chinese take-out places, and you see 'Fried chicken wings and fried rice' on the menu, you should try it out. It's a super...