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Bamiyan Review: Trying Afghan food for the first time at Bamiyan

In middle school I knew these two guys Oliver and Jacob. Oliver was Chinese and Jacob was white. And sometimes when we were joking about something, we'd say to Jacob, "Hey man, don't forget. We built your damn railroads." It was a fun joke when you're a 1% minority in race and a 0.01% minority in religion. Gotta put 'em crackers in their place even as a youngster. The Chinese railroad workers helped introduce Americanized Chinese food to this country. Slavery has done a lot for the culinary landscape of the United States. I guess the cuisine type has to be brought over to the soil before...

Haiku for Obama

Republicans buy shoes too. That was the rumored response by a famous basketball player about why he did not campaign for or endorse a Democratic candidate. Fortunately, I do not sell shoes and I'm not remotely famous. Some people might be hesitant about politicizing their blog in fear of alienating a segment of readers. I really don't see the point of having a blog if you're not going to say what you mean. Plus, people who don't like this can leave for all I care. This week's haiku comes courtesy of my sister and it very accurately represents how I feel about the 2008 U.S. Presidential Election....

Restaurant Grades and Wendys and giveaway

In grade school, sometimes they would invite these "motivational speakers" to come in, tell us to persevere in life, stay off of LSD, and try not to start families before we're legally allowed to smoke. One of those stupid things that schools like to do and pretend that it has an effect on kids. But an example of something they would say to us to try and be better people would be like, "Do only the things that you'd do if your mother was behind you watching what you do." Silly speakers...

Fat child haiku and a food policy for Obama

The haiku this week sort of describes me, minus the wild part and the fried pickle part. I was indeed a fat child, but fried pickles were never really part of my diet. This year I'm going to try to eat more vegetables and fruits though, instead of just cupcakes, burgers, or bacon. But mmmm...