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Bouchon Bakery Review: Chocolate thingy from Bouchon

Part of me wants to really just take this blog in a new direction. I want to make it more personal and focus less on food. It might seem humorous to some of you that a food blog could get any less about food than this particular one. By any definition, I live a good life. My apartment has electricity and heat. It's got cable TV. I can spend free time watching NBA playoffs. Spending a little money on food for the blog isn't outside of my budget. And especially compared with living standards of all the six and a half billion people, I, like most folks...

Big Mac

There's a lot of things that we can get today that we couldn't get fifty years ago. Technology has gone a long way to improve our way of life. Seriously, what would you do if you couldn't groupon and foursquare your way through the week? Obvious catastrophe would ensue. And really, there's not a damn thing that I really want from fifty years ago to replace with what we have today. For example, women's attire. I mean, is any dude gonna be like "damn yo, I wish all women on the sidewalks in NYC dressed like it was 1955." Right? And that's not to mention going to...

Pho Grand Review: Pho Grand and Lebron

This is an open letter to one Mister Lebron James aka King James aka the-savior-of-the-knicks-oh-please come!!! There's lots of reasons to come to New York City. Of course there's the fact that it's one of the greatest city in the world. All kinds of industries are based here in the Big Apple, so you could have any number of marketing opportunities. You should come to play for the Knicks because you could go down in NBA history as the guy who delivered multiple championships to the most fervent basketball city in the world. But by far the best reason to come to New York is the food....