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L'Arte del Gelato Review: L'Arte del Gelato

One of the earliest suggestions I got for this blog was to just be the lone "I shit on it all" type of food blogger. By the way, if you're out there and aspiring to make a name for yourself, there you go. Free idea. Shit on every single restaurant you eat at, I guarantee you the NYC food blogosphere will take note. If you can do it with humor, you might even get a book deal overnight. So I went to L'Arte del Gelato with some high expectations because they've been written about with high regards. I don't think it's my favorite. You all know me,...

Pictures of animals

Growing up in this era (at least in the Western Hemisphere) usually means that you try to leave the coup after eighteen years of age, and only to return to visit your parents for holidays and long weekends. You develop your own life and you become consumed with your own aspirations and desires. Whenever I go home to visit my parents in Detroit, there's usually a lot of eating, and often there would be meals that's not what my parents eat normally. Maybe there's an extra dish or two, or maybe the dish is done up in a special way. At Steph's parents house in Brittany, we've...

Colicchio and Sons Review: Brunching at Colicchio and Sons

This week I'm not going to have another post about poo. Instead let's talk about grits. I love 'em. You can find expensive versions all over the city. Pretty much if you want to taste a good version of it, it's gonna cost you something. On the brunch menu at Colicchio and Sons, it's going to be $16. Compared to other grits dishes in the city though, it's actually a pretty good deal. Another great thing about brunching at Colicchio and Sons is that it was super duper easy to score a seat. We went pretty late, around 1:30 and there were two other tables occupied at...