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Co Review: Co is open for lunch

It's not often that a restaurant matches the food to its hype. I saw Jim Lahey at the NYCE last September, and it was clear that the guy's a bread genius. He's passionate about bread the way I'm not about blogging. His much anticipated pizzaria, Co or Company, has opened to much praise. Serious Eats is a big fan, and so are many others. I went this past weekend because apparently they are not open for lunch. The waitor informed me that they had been doing lunch service for about a week now. I strolled into Co around 12:40 on a Saturday. That's the only day they're open...

Stand Review: Stand burger is merely ok and I hate food moralists

Growing up in a Chinese home, I rarely ate hamburgers. To us, burgers were greasy American food, the kind of stuff you eat if you want to get fat. If you want to stay healthy, you eat the Chinese stuff, not the American shit. That might sound a little weird to you, but that's how it kind of was - our food versus their food. Now that I'm older and control my own diet, hamburgers have worked themselves into my life. A couple of days ago I went with Ming and got a cheeseburger from Stand. It was good but nothing to write home about. The only...

Spur Gastropub Review: Seattle Restaurant Week at Spur

Our first night in Seattle, we saw goats underneath a highway. It was the oddest thing for me. You just don't expect goats in the middle of a city. This is way cooler than that guy who ate pizza with his goat in NYC (NYMag coverage). Apparently what happens is that the city of Seattle contracts out these goats to eat vegetation underneath some highway (Seattle PI). Pretty cool looking. We ended up at Spur Gastropub from a tweet and some advice on chowhound. It was Seattle Restaurant Week ($28 for 3 course dinner) when we were there, and normally I wouldn't do RW too much here in...