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C & L Dumpling House Review: Dumplings dumplings everywhere and not a bite uneaten

Today I read about someone drinking too much haterade against cupcakes. It's really weird how haterade develops. It seems that sometimes people just drink haterade against hype. At some point, it stops being about the product and it's just hate against the hype and the popularity. Take my friend Jeremy for example - he hates Shake Shack because it's a burger and no burger deserves an hour wait. But I maintain that if he could taste the Shake Shack burger in his favorite bar, and with minimal wait, he would declare it the best burger ever. So he doesn't actually hate the burger, he hates how much...

Buttermilk Channel Review: Free drinks at the best brunch in Brooklyn

If an alien lands on Earth, comes to New York, the alien would be confused by why New Yorkers would stand outside of a restaurant for over an hour for lunch on Sundays. Are New Yorkers too good for Aunt Jemima? Does brunch gets people horny?. Brunch doesn't exactly get me hard, however I do find myself being part of the shuffle on the weekends. I broke my hour-wait cherry during my visit to Buttermilk Channel in Brooklyn. Never before had I voluntarily let over an hour pass before eating. In fact, I had always made it a priority to not wait on the weekends. After all,...

Les Cocottes Review: Great food at Les Cocottes and they open on Monday

Before I talk about the wonderful meal that Steph and I had at Les Cocottes, I want to talk about a new feature that consumer camera makers should add to their point-and-shoot cameras. Plainly, they should add a feature where you click a button, and it'll tell you whether or not the picture is printable to a 5x7 or 4x6 picture based on clarity/sharpness. I just wish that sometimes after you ask a fellow tourist to take your picture, that instead of picture review, the camera shows the helper a message like, "Good job!" or "It's fucking 2011, and you don't know how to do the half-shutter...

Narcissa Review: I have to stop eating brunch

Recently I've begun to religiously watch The Daily Show and Colbert Report. Some folks say they watch every night but maybe one night you're tired or there's something else on Netflix and you skip that night. But I download them and watch it on the commute, so I really do watch every single episode...