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Bon Appetit Pop up Cafe Review: Bon Appetit Pop up Cafe is meh

This week I just wanna be a mean motherfucker. I only have crappy things to say about places that I'm going to talk about this week. So let's get started. The Bon Appetit Pop-up Cafe is open this week during Fashion Week. Because you know, people in the fashion industry need a place to go to expense salads that they barely eat. Just look at that measly looking salad sitting on ice. It's just begging to sit in front of some a woman who's the antithesis of Joan Holloway. To each their own, I guess? But those salad options looked boring. Pre-made salads that sit on ice...

Oko Review: Oko is hollow

Another joint along restaurant row in Park Slope is the semi-new frozen yogurt place, Oko. The place is pretty green, both literally and in their attempt to save the planet. When I went there, they had the original flavor and two flavors of the day, which were Key lime and Wildberry. I asked for a sample of the flavors of the day, and both were pretty good, but I went with the original in the largest size. [Note: Always go for the original at KFC, unless you're at Popeyes, then anything goes. Oh wait, a food blog that mentions KFC? Call the fat police! ahhhh!!!!] The yogurt comes with...


After two months of being a parent, I can say that it doesn't get any easier! The food blogging pretty much has stopped but it's nice to take...