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Roberta's Pizza Review: Remembering the Bee Sting pizza and Pumpernickel Everything bagel

Some days I try to think of posts where food relates to sports, and the sports relates to life. Such comparisons are always stretched too thinly. Loving sports and food is tough. Food just doesn't seem to relate to life. How do you analyze spaghetti to a cook's personality or to an eater's? Dining descriptions have a life their own, and seem to know its boundaries. When food stories evoke emotions it's often about quality time with family and friends. Perhaps it's learning to cook from a grandmother or spending one-on-one time with a parent at a ballpark. I'm generally critical of memoirs because if you live...

Restaurant Guide for New York City by Food in Mouth

Reset search 38 E 19th StNew York, NY 6 reviews 35 E 18th StNew York, NY 6 reviews 31 W 17th StNew York, NY 6 reviews 15 West 18th StNew York, NY 2 reviews 46 W 22nd StNew York, NY 1 review 24 E 21st StNew York, NY 3 reviews 254 5th AveNew York, NY 4 reviews 900 BroadwayNew York, NY 1 review 21 W 17th StNew York, NY 4 reviews 116 E 27th StNew York, NY 1 review 39 W 19th StNew York, NY 1 review 30 W 24th StNew York, NY 1 review 52 Irving PlaceNew York, NY 3 reviews 129 East 27th StreetNew York, NY 1 review 45 E 22nd StNew York, NY 5 reviews 35 E 21st StNew York, NY 7 reviews 43 E 20th StNew York, NY 5 reviews 11 Madison AveNew York, NY 7 reviews 225 Park Ave...

The Doughnut Plant Review: Thoughts on Donut Plant and farting

More and more I find myself straying off of the topic of food on this blog. It's becoming harder and harder to see food as more than a variable in an economic transaction. Lunch is not just lunch but instead a practice on how little can I spend to feel not hungry. Dinner is usually different, I eat normally then. And of course what food blogger doesn't snack here and there. Some days I'm overwhelmed with this intense desire to understand how to quantify my desire with potential satisfaction. In simple terms, I can't make up my mind. You show me a donut and my imaginary tail...

El Rey del Sabor Review: El Rey del Sabor and food shizzle

You ever get that feeling that you just need to dial your life up a notch? Just a little? Because it's almost Christmas? Anytime you want to dial it up, you probably want some Latin food. I just made that up, but you're ok to dispute with me. Zach posted about El Rey Del Sabor food cart earlier this week and I rushed out to eat some. Why rush? Well, when the U.S. economy falls into a recession, I'll be eating to cheer myself up. So it's imperative to eat before the recession really hits. You gotta eat while the world is still a happy place. What...