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Cheeseburgers at home

Even at age twenty-eight, I still haven't figured out the thing about sunk cost. You know, cut your loses now before they get worse. In home cooking, sunk cost would be if you tried to make something and it doesn't taste good. A rational way to look at it would be, "Hey, I should eat something else." While someone like me would always say, "Just add some hot sauce and it'll taste much better." Luckily the last time I tried to make hamburgers at home, no hot sauce was necessary. I suppose if you're really really into making burgers at home, you should consult the The Burger...

Eat Stingray at Chomp Chomp

Dear Blog, It's been too long! My bad for neglecting you for the better part of a month. You know how it goes, you get a homework assignment that only proves how ordinary and sub-par you might be, and poof, two weeks of free time disappears. During that time, I got really reacquainted with two of my old friends, self-doubt and loathing. They were feeling a bit alone, but it turns out they get better with age. Let's talk more about food from vacation because it was a happier time. Seriously though, any time you get to eat sting ray in Singapore, it's a good look. For out last...

Joell Robuchon Review: Robuchon Las Vegas

Once again we have Jonathan here to do a guest blog for me about his recent trip to Las Vegas. This looks like one special meal, hope you enjoy the post. Take it away, Jon!But what can I get for $400? Eating out is expensive. Not exactly my most earth shattering of thoughts, I know, but still one that comes to mind quite often. Those $100-$200 prix fix menus can really add up. Even though I tell myself, "Oh, it's a special occasion, so it's okay," deep down I can't help but think "how can I come up with more special occasions?" However, there are times, when you...

Bar Room at The Modern Review: Summer restaurant week at Bar Room of The Modern

Restaurant week used to excite me when I was an undergrad at NYU because the RW lunch specials of $24.00 was super affordable. Most of my meals back then consisted of ramen or cheap chinese take out food from Chinatown. RW was always a refreshing break from the normal stuff. Then as I got older and read more about the food scene in New York, the general consensus was that restaurants held back for RW. The cooks hated it because of the mad rush, and the menus were second rate compared to the normal menu. But after college I realized that food is only half of the...