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Mission Chinese Food Review: Spicy Sichuan Goodness

Let's play a game. You choose between receiving a Dirty Sanchez OR a circle jerk? You probably want a circle jerk, unless you're a fucking freak. What we learned from Pistol Pete's awesome review, is that Guy Fieri cannot take criticism. He went on the Today Show to say that Petey had an agenda. Talk about head in the sand...

Beijing Duck stall Review: Beijing Duck Stall and bribes

Gifts. Complementary. Who doesn't want to be associated with flowery terms such as those? Yet in the food world, we all seemingly want to be Eddie House without being labeled a mercenary. I mean, that's what free food is in this realm. Is it splitting hairs? Sure. But what's been bugging me the most lately is that we're drawing a thin line between Sponsored Posts and regular posts. A Sponsored Post is where you get paid to 'review' something. There's a certain site out there (and let's not name names), where a certain someone often dolls out effusive love letters based on press preview food. Mmm.. press...

McDonald's Review: Egg McMuffin for breakfast

Whenever I read about another food blogger or writer's experience, and there's a "revelation", I'm always surprised. The reason is that honestly, even with all the delicious food in the world, quite few are such a revelation that I remember it years and years down the line. Maybe it's because McDonald's is such a large part of the culture here in the U.S., but my first food revelation came from the golden arches. It wasn't even a big mac, which I didn't have until high school. No, the first thing that I remember about McDonalds was the breakfast sandwich. It was the Sausage and Egg McMuffin. When you...