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Food in Mouth

Butter Lane Review: Cupcakes are better than pies

Watching the professional basketball industry is sometimes like watching the food industry. A few weeks ago NYTimes wrote about how it's time for the pie! Move over cupcake, y'all is done! I can't tell you how often you hear that in sports. Are Kobe's knees too old? Are the Celtics too decrepit to be serious contenders again this year? Is Kevin Durant the best player in the NBA? The answers to those questions in order are: not yet, almost too decrepit, and KD is top 5 for sure. But prognostication means that you gotta be the first to talk about something, and that's how you start a...

Dinic's Oven Roasted Beef & Pork Review: Dinic's sandwiches in Philly

After a bunch of blog posts, you start to realize that people really love lists and comparisons and best of [insert city/neighborhood]. It's difficult to really just say, "Oh well this was tasty." People seemingly only turn heads when you make really outlandish statements. Like a sandwich is only a sandwich when it appears on a top ten list or something. I tasted three sandwiches two weekends ago in Philly. All three were from DiNic's. So let's just break it down for you real simple. If you're in Philly, you pretty much have to stop at Reading Terminal Market for some food. Really, you could have lunch there...

Almost fighting a cabbie and being scared

One thing I've never done in my life is engage in a physical fight. But just as Steph and I were about to get on an airport shuttle, I was close to getting into it with a Parisian cabbie who jacked 3.40 Euros from me (yo, I'm cheap, 3.40 euros is like over $5 bucks). And let me tell you, I was scared. This is how it went down, the cab fare to the Opera was 16.60 Euros and I just thought, "Hey, I can just give him a 20 and get change...

Haiku of wild dog tacos and new york anime festival

I'm on a roll. Two weeks in a row, we have a completely random haiku. It's lovely, ain't it? Lately I just don't feel very poetic on Sundays. This Sunday the fridge was graced with the line, "I want more wild dog tacos." So you see that it just had to be used! I think that line came from Matt, so big props for saving me some work. What would really help the Sunday Haikus (which now mostly fall on Mondays), is if I could have a lifeline. This past weekend I wanted to go check out the Maid Cafe at the NY Anime Festival. Yea, that's...

Bastille Day parties in NYC

Yay! It's Bastille Day! I don't know what that means. Actually did you know that in France, they don't even call it that? It's true. Steph told me that it's just an American thing. But here in New York, the France national day celebration is still called Bastille Day Celebration. In fact, there's not one, but two such parties in New York every year. Many people are familiar with the one in Carroll Garden's on Smith St. There's p├ętanque in the streets and everything. The second party is in Manhattan around 60th street by Lexington Ave. This one is backed by the fiaf. If you're into food,...