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Chiyoda Sushi New York Review: Chiyoda and cold udon

When it is a nice summer day in late August, I enjoy nothing more than some refreshing bukkake in the park. Oh no he didn't! Oh yes I did! And you should stop being so perverted! Goodness gracious. I have some common decency! If you are not well versed in Japanese cuisine, here is a quick lesson that I learned last week. There is the widely known definition and usage of the b-word. We won't go there. (Edit: Do not look this up at work.) In addition, the b-word is also used to describe dishes served with various toppings liberally sprinkled on top. Perhaps you were disgusted...

Big Bowl Noodles Review: Big Bowl Noodles

You know, I think if you just plop a Chinese restaurant in Midtown Manhattan, people will be there eating during lunch. Quality of the food does not seem to matter. The thing is, I do not think you need to be a Chinese food fiend (like myself) to be able to understand if it is good or not. You will know if you like it. Big Bowl Noodles is a decent place for lunch, but it does not come close to unseating Szechuan Gourmet as my favorite spot. As a quick and filling substitute, Big Bowl Noodles is a decent choice. Big Bowl Noodles is on sixth...