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Food in Mouth

Jim Lahey and NYCE

The New York Culinary Experience was this past weekend. It was a cozy event with about 100 attendees, and I was able to join in on a bread class on Sunday morning. Jim Lahey of Sullivan Street Bakery here in New York City. Most of the classes this past weekend had 24 participants, but for a no-knead bread class at 9am on Sunday? Two participants. It was a small and intimate. I prefer sleeping in on Sundays, but I had a blast getting up early and listening to Jim talk about bread. Jim started off the class by giving the participants some pastries from the bakery. Lucky...

On being an average worker

I recently took a new job and it's one of the worst decisions of my life. I put it up there with spending most of my time playing recreational basketball while in college, as opposed to you know, studying hard and making something of myself. But the way I judge myself in the realm of "making websites" is as follows...