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Patisserie des Reves Review: Not wasting pastries from Patisserie des Reves

Lately I've been busy with some random maintenance on the blog, and now I'm going to finish up the Paris posts since they've gotta be written. I want to talk about this idea of food waste too, and I'll get to it at the end of the post, but keep that in your back pocket for now. Let's talk about Patisserie des Reves. If you want pastries in Paris and you're short on time, you would have no regrets placing this patisserie at the top of your to-eat list. It is simply one of the best pastry places in Paris. Steph and I only got two pastries because...

Royal Seafood Review: Dim sum is all good

In my ten years in New York, I've tried just about all the more well-known dim sum places in Manhattan. I've been too Golden Bridge, Golden Unicon, Dim Sum Go-Go, Red Egg, Chinatown Brasserie, Mandarin Court, Oriental Garden, Jing Fong, the closed one by Chatham sq, Chatham sq (which is different), 27 Summer, and two places on Mott St north of Canal that I don't know the name of. One of those is next to Shanghai Cafe and the other one is across the street from it. I've also tried the one that's "hidden" underneath the bridge (and it's just OK). I've even had take-out dim sum...

Red Lobster is phooey

Lines. You draw them to demarcate borders. For many foodies (yes, I know many food lovers hate that term, but I can write a diatribe about why if you love food, you are wrong to hate the term. And in fact later I will get into this), there is a line to be drawn against big corporate chains. Fortunately for you, my world is full of gradients and I think lines can be boring and stupid. So I will cross the line that many in the food blogosphere would not, and venture to infinity and beyond! Well, actually it was not infinity, it was just Red Lobster....

Taco Bell's Cantina Menu

Taco Bell came out with a new line of burritos and bowls created by Lorena Garcia, and it's called Cantina Bell. For those unfamiliar with Lorena Garcia, she's going to be on the next season of Top Chef Masters. I think if she met Marcus Samuelson, the winner from season 2, the conversation would go like this: Lorena: I feel good about my chances to win. Marcus: Winning feels good. But now people are jealous of my dapper hats and Eddie Huang shits on my restaurant and its cultural implications. Lorena: Americans only know me from Taco Bell's new Cantina menu. I should be safe, right? Marcus:...