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Lunch at Kei in Paris

In a short while, I'm going to get to the favorite meal that Steph and I had in Paris last summer. But first I want to point out that everyone's favorite and most romantic city in the world has public, outdoor peeing stations. See that thing in the picture? Shortly after I took that photo, a drunk dude just walked up on that thing and just whizzed til he was comfy and then walked away. It's a scientists guess how much pee aerosols if you pee standing up, but that air of romance has microscopic drops of homeless dudes urine. Just saying...

Lafayette Review: Lafayette has good tripe and blogs help restaurants

Lafayette is fun. It's crowded. It's like the new it place to go. There's a bakery shop in the front where you can get tasty if not over priced things from morning to night. The food is pretty good too, also a little over priced but there's a price to pay to eat at the popular place. Price fairness is not really important for restaurants, and if anything, using price to mitigate long queues might be worth it for everyone involved. We tried a few things at Lafayette and I liked the tripe the most. It's almost difficult to do this dish wrong, and when braised long...

Amy Ruth's Review: Amy Ruths and being a cog in a wheel

I've been thinking about unemployment lately because it may or may not be an impending doom personally. Apparently when you look unemployment rates for those with a college degree, it's actually around 5%, much lower than the national average of 9%. The thought of it is still scary. Employment is weird because we have jobs because businesses need people to run shit. Unless you're a big dog, most of us are just another cog in the wheel. This is why during downturns, many individuals hit up grad schools, in hopes that greater education offers opportunity to again, be a more important cog in the whole process. But...

Shang Review: Shang is on the way up

As a transplanted New Yorker, you hear things like how it takes seven years before you become a 'Real New Yorker', before you belong. Mostly that's crap though because you can feel at home here in New York in a much shorter period of time. When you finally settle in, you pick up the pace and your cadence becomes in sync with the pulse of the city. If you're lucky, and this is your type of town (and why wouldn't it be?), then you pick it up right away. Susur Lee, an internationally famous chef from Toronto, graced New York city with a new restaurant this past...