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I am a dad now! It's only been about a month, and it's as surreal to write that now was it was when my son first came into the world. Being parents to a newborn is fucking hard. That's the part in the fine print of the parent instruction manual that probably isn't as talked about. Eating out at restaurants has taken a backseat to keeping a tiny human alive. So essentially my son has become cockblock to foodinmouth! So inconsiderate!...

Taiwanese pastries and the wonders of the mung bean cake

The other day I heard about this new book out that's supposed to help you order the special stuff when you go to an Asian restaurant. The 'special' stuff is generally the menu that's written without any English on it. I'm not sure if this kind of stuff goes on in Chinatown here in Manhattan, but I know this is the case at many Chinese restaurants in suburbia. If you're Asian, you know exactly the reasoning behind such a move. There are times when you eat something Asian-y and it's not that weird or crazy but you say to yourself, "White people won't eat this shit." If...

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I wonder how good is the average bagel in a city outside of New York City. While we had ice cream from Luca and Bosco, my fatty side got the better of me and I started to think that more dairy products would be good. That and a slow but steady stream of folks kept going up to Davidovich Bagels for stuff. When we lived in Washington Heights, there weren't that many bagel places. There was one by the hospital because the truth was that the people who would buy bagels the most would be near the hospital in that neighborhood. So I know that in another...

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