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Urban Belly Review: Urban Belly

Guest post. Weeee!!! first guest post of the week comes from Jonathan. I'm always conflicted when I see delicious looking food that somehow aren't so delicious. I bought some "Rice Drink" from Trader Joe's the other day. Kinda weird...

Chinatown posts on Food in Mouth

The other day wifey and I woke up at 3 am and took the train into the city. Weather had not yet turned cold. It wasn't the kind of wind that would dry out your skin. But waiting for a train at that time of the night, and then walking on the sidewalks of New York made me feel like a tourist, like some outsider. People walked around, ready to end their night at 4 am, not knowing where they had parked their cars. Maybe I'm the one who overstayed the welcome in New York. But one thing that always makes me feel right at home is...

Mexican posts on Food in Mouth

Mission Cantina, oh how you was a tease. We asked during lunch a few months ago about whether it would be possible to eat a burrito in the dining room and they said no. I think less than two weeks later, they relented on that policy. I had hoped they would have been like, "Oh, there's FOUR people in our dining room, no biggie", but I guess it wasn't about how easy it is to make one. Probably, they didn't want customers that came in after us to see us eating a burrito and then be like "well they got to have it." Either way, I'm gonna...

Sandwiches posts on Food in Mouth

One of the ways that I've come to accept new York prices lately has been the trick of telling myself that living here won't last forever. $10 for a rice bowl? Sign me up! OK, so it was still one of the cheaper things at the food court but I thought it was actually very enjoyable. Maybe it's just the Asian in me...