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The long goodbye is always the hardest. And while school happens and time passes, we still have to find ways to pass the time, and to fill our bellies. One thing that I know for sure, no other city in America will have the variety in Thai cuisine or the number of choices for northern Thai just a bus ride away from home. Even though Chiang Mai in Red Hook is still seeking a permanent home, it seems to have already hit its stride...

Seattle posts on Food in Mouth

Oh look, one more Seattle food post. This one sort of has ties to New York though. Salumi is a tiny little sandwich shop that's owned by Armandino Batali, the father of Mario Batali. See! This is relevant. Around lunch time, this place is packed. The line was out the door when we visited. Everyone seemed pretty patient about being in line for the goods, and it turned out that they had every right to be. It helped that someone came by with a taste of spicy sopressata for those of us in line. That's good business practice that more places should try to emulate. You reduce...

Brunch posts on Food in Mouth

State of the Union was given by the greatest president of my lifetime (so far), and I suppose it makes sense to take stock of my own situation and see what's up with the blog. Picture quality is at an all-time high because I have taken steps to only use pictures that look good enough, even if it doesn't match the words on the page. Irrelevant coverage is at an all-time high because I just write about anything on my mind even if it has nothing to do with food. Traffic is at an all-time low because all my readers left. The state of this union is...