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Jing Fong Review: Jing Fong is packed

Some foods bring familiarity and comfort, and for my friends and me, dim sum is such a thing. After a night of watching a horrible movie called Shoot 'em Up (really, it is so bad I do not want to give you the IMDB link), what we needed was comfort. And Clive Owen, you just cannot pull off pointless movies the way Jason Statham can. Please, stick to more poignant films like Children of Men. On Sunday we mozied on by to Jing Fong this past weekend and braved the crowds. I love how in restaurant speak, "5 minutes" really means at least twelve or so. How does...

Tasty Hand-Pulled Noodles Review: Tasty Hand Pulled Noodles

Warm weather has left New York, and that means it's soup season. It's also hand-pulled noodle season. While some people can appreciate a warm bowl of soup and sweating it out during the hotter months, I find greater comfort in soupy meals when it's colder outside. Last week I headed down to Tasty Hand-pulled Noodles for a nice bowl of noodles. This place has been covered before at Eating in Translation and at Robyn's blog. Both of them went soon after the noodle shop opened, and neither really talked about the fact that Tasty Hand-Pulled Noodles has great dumplings. Really, is it any surprise that a hand pulled...

Tu Do Review: Pho and bo bia and google

Do you ever order that thing on the menu that you just have no idea what it is? There is great comfort and joy to eat an expertly roasted chicken with crisp skin and juicy meat. Conversely, it's exciting to order the dish that you've never experienced, and let your taste buds experience something new. But if you're one of those people with internet on your phone, then you can totally look up everything on a translated menu. Recently I visited a Vietnamese restaurant on Bowery Street and they had specials listed on the table. They were translated phonetically without any English descriptions of the dish itself....

El Quinto Pino Review: Breakfast items from El Quinto Pino

I feel like when it comes to food blog writing, there's only a few major camps you can fall into. You could be the straight forward info supplier. Very useful, and highly visible when you're already successful. Then there are the comedic writers, who're able to conjure a laugh by slinging words. That's probably the toughest. Or you could be a memoir-ish type of writer, where every recipe reminds you of cooking with mom or grandma, and aromas invoke something out of Lifetime Original Television. Not really capable of any one of those three methods, I'll just say that arranging for new living quarters with just two...