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Day 4 of France Trip 2010

Oooh and we have the Eiffel Tower! Day 4 allowed the opportunity to walk around Paris a little bit. The one thing I've come to know about Paris is that it's huge compared to Manhattan. I suppose every single city in the U.S. has more square area compared to Manhattan. Here, I keep thinking that it's possible to walk everywhere...

David's Brisket House Review: Hating on NYC and liking sandwiches

After six weeks of apartment search my body feels pretty battered. This is a combination of eating like a fat kid, and also not going to the gym. The result is simply not pretty. My tits have begun to sag. Jesus Christ. Thirty just doesn't treat me as well as my twenties. Fucking A. I've begun to hate New York City just a tiny bit. Living here is as natural as eating chicken feet, and yet I can't stop wondering about the possibilities of that shiny idea that many Americans love...