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Food in Mouth

Cheetos Twisted

After two months of being a parent, I can say that it doesn't get any easier! The food blogging pretty much has stopped but it's nice to take...

Loving snails with garlic and more of Dinan

If there's one French food item that I think should be easy for most Asians to really love, it's escargot. The reason is that escargot is kind of a texture dish, which you normally don't see in French cooking. Snails don't taste like much, I don't think, but they are transformed into something awesome when you add butter, garlic, and parsley in the correct proportions. Just like how a Chinese guy might order some tripe at dim sum, it's kind of the same thing. The item simply is a sauce delivery vehicle. And what seals the deal is that there's no cheese in most escargot preparations. Then when...

Atlantic Antic 2009

Woo! Street fair! Most of these things aren't worth attending. The 5th Avenue Street Fair in Park Slope is one exception. The Atlantic Antic is another. Usually the socks stands to unique food stands is a telltale sign of a street fair's worthiness. If there are more stands selling socks than original food stands, then skip it. Original food stands would the the ones not selling corn, mozzarepa, or italian sausage with peppers. Although really, I'm just looking for street fairs that don't sell too many socks. Another great thing about the Atlantic Antic is that it's probably one of the last street fairs of the year...