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Some lou rou fan in Taipei

As much help as it was to be guided around Taipei by my uncles and cousins, it was cool to be able to explore the capital of Taiwan for a day on our own. You know the thing about traveling is that humanity is pretty much awesome everywhere around the world, and I'm not sure why some go through the trouble to say the people in a certain place are really friendly. People everywhere are friendly, and Taiwanese people are no exception. What I think is more telling when I travel is the reality that the world caters to Americans. There's just enough English to get you...

Tiny's Giant Sandwich Shop Review: Spicy Rizzak and genetically modified food

Social media apparently can flatten the world. Ideas can reach across oceans and topple dictators and revoke a constitution so that an army could rule a country. Hurray for Egypt! I think? You know what social media is not doing for me though? It's not giving me cheaper sandwiches. Goddamn it! Where is Zucks when you need him? Apparently this place, Tiny's Giant Sandwich Shop, is supposed to have awesome sandwiches. For $9 dollars. Sheesh, that's just like nine dollar sandwiches from No. 7 Sub. It feels like in the information age where everything social makes everything better...

Coffee please

After two months of being a parent, I can say that it doesn't get any easier! The food blogging pretty much has stopped but it's nice to take...