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Food in Mouth

Per Se Review: Lunch at Per Se

At Per Se a few weeks earlier, Steph and I had the greatest meal of our lives. As great and amazing as the meal was, it wasn't enough to transform me from, "the Angry Food Blooger" to a happy one. My usual sunny disposition is still intact. See, right now we're looking to find a more affordable apartment and I'm just in love with the world, the laws of supply and demand, and rental prices in New York City. My fabulous self is ever more fab the last few weeks, which is why this lunch at Per Se was such a welcoming departure from my apartment-hunt-triggered desire...

Seoul Station Review: Tacos and Sesame Street and Frank Bruni

Guess what I had last week! Tacos! How surprising, right? These days I'm a taco fiend. Steph was willing to be dragged to East Village just so I can try these new-ish Korean tacos. We went to look for these things twice. The first time we walked from 2nd avenue to 3rd avenue, and didn't see it. So I decided to give up easily and ask Steph to take me home. The second time, she smartly looked up the address beforehand, and we walked to 1st ave and found the tacos. It makes more sense to walk in the right direction. When we finally reached Seoul Station...

French fries at home

My girlfriend likes to tell me that if there's a study out there that tells you to do something, I would probably do it. She's right, I love hearing about studies. It doesn't exist yet, but there's a study that tells you that french fries will beget world peace. Man, I'm telling you, you want world peace more than you think you know. Not only is world peace delicious, it's kind of addictive. Once you learn how to do it, you want to make it over and over again, until your whole apartment just reeks of world peace. Last week I wanted to learn how to make...