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Jade Asian Review: Identifying myself at Jade Asian

The thing about eating in Flushing is that sometimes you can get things that are less likely to be found in Manhattan. Taiwanese restaurants is one of those things. A food court with a variety of options is another. Dim sum I heard was supposed to be better. As it turns out, I'm not sure that Flushing holds any supremacy over Manhattan in that regard. Steph and I didn't set out to see if conventional wisdom would hold up, we simply visited Flushing because too many months had lapsed since our previous visit. Jade Asian seemed like as good of an option as any in Flushing, and...

Dog days of sun

After two months of being a parent, I can say that it doesn't get any easier! The food blogging pretty much has stopped but it's nice to take...

M & S Prime Meats Review: Prime Meats in Park Slope

During the holiday season, I prefer subsistence eating. It's easier to concentrate on one food group for all my caloric needs. That's why for dinner on Christmas, I had chocolates. It was quite nice because well, it's chocolates. It's those round kinds that come in golden foil. It's hazelnutty. They also make ones with a brown foil now, that's new. They didn't have that when I was growing up back in the old days. New school, old school, they all tasted great. But then I get this guilt and end up thinking about real food. I also don't want to venture all the way into the city...

FoodParc Review: Food Parc should lower its prices

Last time, we visited the idea of childhood donuts and how I felt about writing in the food realm. To sum it up quickly, childhood donuts are still delicious and I have to go get my head shrunk. At least that's what I took from it. Today I want to talk about a reason for liking a 'restaurant' even if not everyone loves it. Food Parc is this food court inside of some hotel on Sixth Avenue. The hotel would probably want me to google their name, but fuck it. It's a hotel I'll never be able to afford and the only redeeming factor it has is...