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Jerk Pan truck Review: Jerk Pan truck and big skinned chickens

Do you ever work inside of a coffee shop or a cafe sometime? And then someone approaches you with a lost puppy look and asks, "Are you connected to the internet right now?" Man. I hate it. Usually here I violate a personal rule, and pretend that none of the perfectly sounding English words make any sense. Then there's usually after my feigned lack of understanding, a follow up question comes, "You know, the internet. The Wifi." Yes person, I know what you mean. Pero, yo no hablo ingles. The thing is, you look like a deer in headlights and I'm...

Hill Country Barbecue Review: Gnawing on ribs at Hill Country

Barbecue. The word is kind of like the word, 'foodie', or like any other word really. Growing up barbecue just meant cooking outside in your backyard, because you know, outside of New York City, people have backyards. For those of you not familiar with the concept, it's twofolds. A. you have a door in the back of your home that exits outside. B. upon exiting outside, you're greeted with grass. No euphanisms here, just the green stuff you see in parks and stuff. For most of the U.S., grass exists not just in parks. If you're into the food scene though, barbecue probably means the stuff that's...