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Five Guys Burgers Review: Double up at Five Guys

Blogging has taught me a few new terms that most people never care to use. "Blogosphere" is the one that my friend, Eric the Teacher loves to make fun of the most. Other terms are useful, like "beef-to-bun ratio" If you ever read A Hamburger Today or Beef Aficionado, you would become familiar with that term. And quite a useful term because when you upset the perfect balance of the beef-to-bun ratio, your burger eating enjoyment falls. When your burger eating enjoyment falls, you end up talking a lot of trash in an Asian basketball tournament and being threatened by hooligans. So stop calling people gorillas and...

Girl and The Goat Review: Awesome meal at Girl and The Goat

The thing about going to Chicago for one single meal is that most minds turn to Alinea or Next. Those are probably great choices. The only thing is, Alinea is CRAZY expensive of an experience (though I'm sure super worth it for foodies/foodists). And Next is pretty hard to get tickets for exactly the moment you visit Chicago. We ended up with Girl and the Goat, an amazing option. For New Yorkers or out of towners, it's very important to know that while the rule in New York is a 30-day advance reservation, in Chicago there's no set rule because Girl and the Goat goes out as...

Random soup

After two months of being a parent, I can say that it doesn't get any easier! The food blogging pretty much has stopped but it's nice to take...

DBGB Kitchen and Bar Review: DBGB

I heard on This American Life last week about how kids are doing this new drug called 'Cheese'. There was a bit by this comedian talking about how kids are doing this thing called 'Cheese'. What is Cheese? It is simply tylanol PM crushed up, and mixed with heroin. Apparently it gets you all woozy and sleepy, then you get this high. But basically, it's heroin. What does this have to do with DBGB? Not much, but refutiate riddle me this, what kind of a restaurant is it? It's run by a French restaurateur, Daniel Boulud. And when Steph and I went, we ate a thai sausage,...