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Food in Mouth

Best cookie it is not

Chocolate chip cookies are a funny thing apparently. For example, if you like Chips Ahoy cookies, did you know they taste 10x better if you microwave it for just about.. 10 seconds or so? Maybe less? They get all soft and gooey and the thing is just heaven. Serious Eats thinks that Pret has a good cookie. Better than City Bakery. They also think Bouchon has a good cookie. So I tried them, although I only took pictures of the Pret cookie. I didn't bother eating the City Bakery cookie because I eat one of those pretty much once a month. I like it and know what it's...

Bacon club

Since I am lazy, today I got my friend Jonathan to write a post for me. The pictures are his as well. Basically this entire post is him and I am just lounging around doing nothing. Anyway, here you go. My fridge is full of bacon. And ham. Not that I’m complaining; it’s more of a fact that anything. It’s overflowing with pig. It started with a simple idea for a Christmas gift after reading Peter Kaminsky’s ode to pork, Pig Perfect. In it, he writes about his first experience with a Newsom country ham. The ham, which aged dutifully in the cool swampy low grounds of Kentucky...