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Wu Liang Ye Review: Wu Liang Ye

I had been to Wu Liang Ye a few times for dinner and even tried their variation on pork belly with chili leeks, except they call it bacon and that kind of made it more delicious. The reason that I avoided their lunch special menu was because most of the things on there sounded like variations of most Chinese take-out places: General Tso, chicken with huana sauce, beef and broccoli, and so on. The had one thing on the menu that had the word "szechuan" in it, and that was the "Baby Shrimp with Szecuan Chili Sauce." Wu Liang Ye apparently has good business even during lunch...

Bouchon Bakery Review: Spider eggs donut from Bouchon Bakery

It's great when the food that you're eating reminds you of something happy. Sometimes though, the food that you're eating reminds you of something not so happy, and it's just confusing because it still tastes good. I got some sort of cream filled chocolate donut from Bouchon Bakery in the Time Warner Center a few weeks ago. It's a tasty enough donut and for $3+, it better damn be tasty. The only thing was that the top of the donut reminded me of spider eggs. If the round crunchy bits weren't covered in chocolate, I'm not sure that it would have been so appetizing. Thankfully it was. While...

L'As Du Fallafel Review: Awesome sandwich at L'as du Falafel

One of the worst deals required by society is college. Two things about college. One, I loved eating cheap food throughout college. The length that we went to eat cheaply probably crossed the line of legality at some point. Two, I didn't learn all that much. I can remember that in college, one time the assignment was to read Allegory of the Cave. To this day, I have no idea what the hell that story is about. This actually brings me back to point one, about cheap foods. One of the things that was consumed often was Mamoun's Falafel. It was close to campus and back then,...

Tertulia Review: On guilt and eating at Tertulia

Recently I tortured Steph into watching Game of Thrones with me. There's dragon eggs in that show, and I've previously told many of my friends that zombies are more believable than vampires. And I think that rule applies to dragons as well. You can sell me on The Walking Dead, but Game of Thrones...