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Food in Mouth

Food Gallery 32 Review: Food Gallery 32 is convenient but not the best

Food Gallery 32 in Midtown New York is one of those things I really want to love but end up just liking it. It's like Shark Week on the Discovery Channel. In theory, I like watching shows about sharks, but when they start showing you real footage of a tiger shark nibbling on a man's calf, and then deciding that the calf was basically cheesecake of the sea, and rips the calf muscle off. And my mind gets fucked in a way that leaves me unable to fall asleep normally, because I'm such a pussy. So I really want to love Shark Week and Food Gallery 32...

Unbeatable Breakfast combination

My local Dunkin Donuts is doing some new product that's called pancake sausage bites or something like that. Basically it's a spherical sausage bite that's situated inside of a pancake enclosure. Did that make sense? In other words, it's pancake wrapped around a sausage. It's three pieces for one dollar and eighty-nine cents, so of course you know me. That's how I like to roll. I bought some just out of sheer curiosity because actually there's no way these things are going to blow me out of the water, and also at 63 cents a piece, the value proposition is shaky at best. You could buy two...

Lily O'Brien hot chocolate and Zaiya cinnabon

Sometimes people see me take a picture of their food or their store, and they ask me, "Yo, what you be doing?" Usually I just tell them it's for personal use (and it is) and that I just like to take pictures of my food (also true) and that seems to please them. When I took a picture of the Lily O'Brien Chocolate store that just opened up by Bryant Park, an employee asked me if I was a journalist taking pictures for a publication. Since this doesn't count as a publication because you know, I'm just a blogger, I figured it's all good. He said something...

Gnocchi is a no go

I have a confession. It is not really a confession per se, as much as a restatement of the truth. See when you start to do something with frequency, those around you tend to mistake that love for expertise. An example would be that I like to play basketball, but my skills are only useful when I play with Asians shorter than me or the girls basketball team (oh no he didn't! oh yes i did!). Playing often does not make me a good basketball player. Another example would be that I eat out often, but that does not mean I know where to go find the...