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Food in Mouth

Donatella's Review: Margherita Pizza at Donatella's

Blogging about food is sometimes weird in that I always wonder what my preferences say about me. For example on Slice, they really like Donatella's. Nick and Adam wrote that, "The pies are thinner, less puffy (but with no less life) and far drier. They will appeal, I think, not only to the purist but to those who did not think they cared for the form." Strong praise for two dudes that know and eat a lot of pizza. So the problem for me was that I walked away thinking, "It was aight." Now I've learned that when blogging about a pizza place, try to eat the margherita...

A party and a harvest

Lately I've had this thing where things happen in bunches. But since I can't really have separate food events in their separate posts, they'll just both converge here. A few days ago I read about the Edible Manhattan magazine launch party. It sounded cool, and for $10 dollars, probably the cheapest party you could find with food and booze. And the second half of this post will focus on Harvest on the Square, which was a fund raiser for Union Square. The ticket for that was north of $100. I couldn't afford that one, but even from the outside, it was a good time. I haven't actually...