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Food in Mouth

I want more gentrification so I can eat more pizza

Emily is a pizza place that opened this year in Clinton Hill Brooklyn, and as of now, it has the distinction as 'that place where Adam Kuban is doing his pop up/preview of Margot's Pizza.' I suppose a pizza place could be known for worse things, so that's not so bad. I can sum up Emily in about one sentence: it's fairly decent for a neighborhood place in its neighborhood which has no other good pizza places, but most of you probably shouldn't rush out to Clinton Hill just to try Emily. Emily makes good enough pizza that probably falls into a special niche for super pizza lovers....

Dumplings and my so called rant

"Is that what it's come to? We don't even need to have the TV on, or video games? We just play, 'Let's debate with Danny?'" My close friends and I were sitting in the living room. They tried to help me decipher why another friend (we'll call him UPenn because that's where he went to school), had crazy ideas. We talked about how change takes time and how impatient I am. This happens every four years because I'm one of those people that get really into the election. It's like how some people have regular refrigerators and they just open the door and stick their hand to...

Murray's Bagel Review: Murray's Bagel Porn

What do you do at 2pm when you have not eaten all day and the fried chicken joint closed for kitchen problems? Um, you eat an everything bagel with cream cheese. And I think the everything bagel now supersedes onion bagel as my all time favorite provided it is from Murray's. As part of my ever growing collection of "photos other people really wish I would delete" series, we shall discover someone digging for...

Gotham Bar And Grill Review: Another great lunch deal at Gotham Bar and Grill

I'm way behind on posting, because I've been fixing bad code on my site for the last two weeks. Nothing beats debugging tiny errors. Thus my motivation to write is way way down. This lunch at Gotham Bar and Grill actually occurred during New York City's Restaurant Week, however they do run a $25 dollar greenmarket prix fixe lunch normally. The norm is to have two courses for that price, but during RW, they throw in the dessert. It was only by pure coincidence that Steph and I ended up going during Restaurant Week. For $25, it's a pretty good deal to hit up Gotham Bar and...

Real life cookie monster

There it was, beautifully glistening in the sun light, and it whispered to me. Normally cookies resting on park benches don't whisper, but my brain does weird things when it needs sugar. No one else was around and I sat next to the abandoned cookie to wait a bit, maybe the owner would come back for it. It was perfect and round and most importantly, it looked clean. Who knows how long it was left there, but I didn't care. My eyes don't lie. And if it looks OK to eat, that means it IS OK to eat. That's my college education talking right there. Most of my...