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Food in Mouth

The Island of Taiwan Restaurant Review: Island of Taiwan restaurant

Sometimes the dissonance between my blogging self and my real life self reverberates and echoes so loudly and far, that I feel very much like a poser. It's difficult to really express about food in real life the way one could if one has pictures and time to put thoughts together. I suppose that's the genius of someone like Anthony Bourdain, who can do it on TV, and consistently deliver week after week. Most of the time, the enjoyment occurs silently and the message conveyed to others is muted. Even though the world we occupy is more about the gradients than the black-n-whites, it's easier for me...

Otafuku Review: Otafuku

Do you ever eat something and then realize it is pretty good, but wish you would like it more? That is kind of how I felt with the food from Otafuku. It was like, this tasted pretty good, but it did not blow my mind...

Time loop and dynasties and repeat winners

Last year, Jeremy started watching Lost even though he had never seen it before. He did it because his coworkers would all talk about it and he wouldn't be in the conversation. Then he got me started on watching Lost and I have no idea what's going on this season except there's some freaky time traveling thing going on in the first few episodes. There's a lot of time shift going on and people are traveling back in time and then moving in time and it's all sorts of crazy stuff. Pretty soon, I guess they'll time travel to the future. And then back to the past,...