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New Kam Hing Coffee Shop Review: Chinese sponge cake at Kam Hing

In the complex and always-changing New York food scene, it's nice to visit an old-school hole-in-the-wall. We all cheer for the Bulters and VCUs of the world, and Kam Hing Coffee Shop is an underdog anyone could get behind. Sure, doughnuts are all the rage, and special Chinese lollipops are nice, but it's cool to eat something that's not a fad. Perhaps nothing implies consistency and quality as much as a food establishment that's been around longer than dirt. Judging by Kam Hing Coffee Shop's sign, I venture to guess that it's been around maybe even longer than I've been alive. Once you look pass the worn...

Blue Sky Bakery Review: Blue Sky Bakery

Over on 5th Avenue in Park Slope, there is a quaint little bakery tucked in the middle of unassuming stores. You can easily miss Blue Sky Bakery, unless you happen to be looking for the Law Office of Jesus and peek next door to investigate the source of the delicious aroma that fills the air. No seriously. It is right next to where a guy named Jesus has a law office. Not only do I pinky swear it is true, but there is photographic evidence to prove as such. I am going to start this off by telling you what not to get. Skip the chocolate chip cookies....

S'Nice Review: snice cupcakes

"They are all good. I come here just for the cupcakes." The woman to my left spotted my indecisiveness at the counter of Vegan goodness at 'Snice in Park Slope. My first thought was, "That sign says these are all Vegan, what kind of crack are you smoking? They are ALL good?" It was also a surprise that someone would randomly talk to me - usually on the street my facial expression exudes, "I am hungry/cranky, you look like a donut, and I want to jump on you faster than a governor at the Emperor's VIP club" Kinda scares people away here in New York. I kindly asked...

Tehuitzingo Deli Grocery Review: Tehuitzingo has awesome tacos

Tehuitzingo Deli Grocery in Midtown is serving up some of the best delicious Mexican fare you can find in Manhattan. Going all the way to 10th avenue to find some tacos seems counter intuitive because good food is now all over Midtown. The reason you want to go to Tehuizingo is because just about any taco on their menu is good. During lunch time, the crowd has its share of Latinos and the eye-test would reveal that this place is authentic. Perhaps authenticity is overrated and unimportant. If the clientele can't be used to categorize restaurants, I feel like what tastes good is subjective. Then what you...

Sunda Review: Sunda in Chicago

Guest Post Time! Jonathan is back again with a post from Chicago. This time it's about an Asian-y restaurant. I'm always weary of restaurants that can't figure out their identity, but this place sounds pretty promising, and I'll let Jonathan take it away here: In general, I haven’t found many "pan-Asian" restaurants that I like. In fact, I am more likely to dislike a place if it is described as pan-Asian than if it is not. Maybe I’m too harsh, but usually I find that all the cuisine ends up as a watered down version of the original. It’s a matter of focus; Asia's a big place. So...