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Food in Mouth

Maialino Review: Happy hour at Maialino

The 2011 NBA Draft just concluded. The odds of predicting which player will become a future Hall of Famer is very low. You have a better chance to guess at who can maybe become an All-Star, although not much better odds. Just guessing who could become a rotational player is difficult. But the odds of picking a guy who won't pan out? Really really good. Ordering from a restaurant feels like that sometimes. There are words that will trigger interest in your brain. Maybe it's 'braised' or 'crispy'. Perhaps it's words of ingredients like 'pork belly' or 'sea urchin'. I fall prey to this all the time....

Peels Review: Peels ice cream and a new kind of resto listing

I think there are two holy grails in the world of food recipe review, and restaurant reviews. The first is a recipe that either a robot or another person knows you will love. Obviously this is not a recipe blog therefore I'm more interested in the other holy grail, which is how to best recommend restaurants to people. Yes, I know, some of this exists in the interwebs. They suck balls. Sorry, but that's true. If there's one good one, then everyone would use it. Let's look at the demographic breakdowns...

Pork shoulder test one

One of the things I realized after the start of this blog was that it was super difficult to force myself to write on certain days. Sure, it would always be easy to just post a picture or two without words, and that would totally make my life a lot easier. That would be no fun though. And I knew that sooner or later some of the writing would just degrade into a personal journal level. With that in mind, I just wanted to take two moments to say, HD DVR was the greatest invention ever, second next to whoever came up with the Victoria's Secret fashion...

Eating in Jiufen

After getting a delicious breakfast at Fu Hang, one of my uncles took Steph and me to this tourist attraction just outside of Taipei called Jiufen. It's an area that's on the side of a tiny mountain and there's a little alley way that's full of food and souvenir shops. It's a pretty popular destination and luckily my uncle was able to drive us. We started off at a popular stall that served up fish balls. It was a no frills kind of place and they had long tables with tiny benches so you had to share the space with other diners. They had a small kitchen which...